How Digital Marketing can benefit Engineering Consultant.

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How Digital Marketing can benefit Engineering Consultant.

An essential part of running a modern engineering business today involves digital marketing. A term first coined in the 1990s, digital marketing is the marketing of a company’s products or services using digital technologies, such as the Internet and mobile phones.

There are numerous benefits of digital marketing, including the ability to engage and connect with your target audience and help set your company apart from the competition. It is also more cost effective than traditional marketing methods and has been shown to deliver higher conversion rates as well as generate higher revenues for businesses.

Study after study has shown that people prefer digital content. Engineering firms that haven’t already shifted their focus from traditional to digital marketing need to do so to remain competitive.

10 Top Digital Marketing Strategies that deliver results:

Design a Responsive Website
First and foremost, a responsive website has become a necessity. This means the website automatically reformats and adapts to the screen it is being used on, regardless of the device. As a result, all of the content and pages can be read with minimum scrolling and resizing. Not only does this provide an optimal experience for your audience, but it also translates into a positive perception of your company and its brand.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Once your website is up and running, the next step is making sure it can easily be found. That’s where SEO comes in. SEO is the process of optimizing your website to maximize traffic from the search engines. Although you shouldn’t count on immediate results, SEO is a long-term strategy that informs your customers, increases brand awareness and doesn’t involve any paid advertising.

Social Media Marketing
If your company hasn’t already climbed on board with social media, it’s important to know that it’s here to stay. It is one of the most cost effective digital marketing methods and has been shown to greatly increase brand recognition. Social media gives your company insight into your target audience, allows for instant feedback and helps you collect new leads as well as build your email list.

Many businesses wonder if blogging is really worth the time and effort. The answer is yes! According to a HubSpot study, more than 50 percent of marketers say that their top content marketing priority is blogging. Content helps gain visibility for your business by creating a vehicle to connect with existing and potential clients. It can also help with SEO rankings, increase traffic to your website and establish your company as an industry leader and expert.

Email Marketing
Like most of us, you’ve most likely been the recipient of an email marketing campaign. Marketing your services by email has many benefits. It can be a cost-effective and fast method of reaching customers and allows you to create targeted messages. In addition, businesses have found that email marketing is flexible, scalable and measurable. For a campaign to be successful, ensure it is designed to work on multiple devices and can be downloaded quickly.

Content Marketing
A big trend these days is content marketing, which consists of sharing online material such as videos, blogs and social media posts. This strategic marketing approach involves creating and distributing valuable and regular content for your target audience. Content marketing can help grow your business by driving traffic to your website. According to the Aberdeen Group, companies that create consistent marketing content experience nearly six times higher conversation rates than their competitors.

Influencer Marketing
In this type of marketing, the focus is on influential people rather than your target market. It is becoming one of the most popular and effective ways to showcase your brand. With more and more consumers becoming immune to traditional advertising, companies are concentrating their efforts on influencer marketing. According to a study by Nielsen Catalina Solutions and TapInfluence, influencer content generates ROI (return on investment) 11 times greater than traditional digital campaigns.

Pay Per Click
With Pay Per Click (PPC), advertisers pay a fee every time an ad is clicked. It can be a great strategy for many businesses. Unlike an organic search, PPC shows results very quickly since it is measurable and trackable. It works well with other marketing channels and can provide an abundance of useful information. Also, it doesn’t take long to get up and running, unlike SEO.

Event Sponsorship
Often overlooked, event sponsorship is one of the fastest growing types of marketing being used by businesses. Supporting an event helps increase your company’s brand awareness and can help you connect with your target audience. Today’s events are becoming more digital as a result of social media as well as specialized apps that can help organize invites, registration and hotel bookings. Some trade shows, conferences, seminars and workshops are now allowing those unable to attend face-to-face, participate via live streaming.

Podcast Advertising and Sponsorship
The popularity of podcasts is definitely on the rise. According to HubSpot in 2017, 11 percent of marketers plan to add podcasting to their marketing efforts in the next 12 months. By advertising your engineering firm during a podcast or sponsoring this type of audio show, it can assist your company reach a specific demographic. Podcast listeners have been shown to be highly-educated and affluent professionals. Whether the ad is part of the podcast content or prerecorded, this type of sponsorship is a highly engaging medium to deliver messages about your company and its brand.

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