Agile Enterprise Development .

Become faster, more flexible, and intensely customer-focused
Agile is a proven way to transform your business, catalyse innovation, and accelerate profitable growth. We can help you scale Agile across your entire organization to improve time-to-market, boost quality, raise employee morale, and become a truly adaptive organization.

If you are just getting started we'll provide the foundational training you need to launch your first Agile teams. Once you have developed some foundational capabilities we'll show you how to scale dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of Agile teams, creating a truly Agile enterprise.
We have a proven method for transforming companies into truly Agile enterprises and propelling Agile transformations. It begins with our Agility Quotient diagnostic, which assesses your company’s maturity on critical enablers, and progresses through a structured program that culminates with Agile fully embedded throughout your organization.  
We provide unmatched training and support, instilling Agile capabilities and expertise across your teams and throughout your company to ensure your organization continues to reap the benefits of Agile long after we’ve left. With Agile stitched into the fabric of your company’s culture, you’ll remain nimble and responsive to changing market conditions for many years to come.  
We will also help you spot and overcome the cultural barriers that often derail Agile efforts, such as bureaucratic bottlenecks, poor collaboration, or misconceptions about which activities are well-suited to Agile and which are not.    
Properly implemented, Agile can enable you to outpace your competition, react quickly to changing market conditions, adjust the balance of innovation to routine work, and continuously incorporate customer feedback. It is a step-by-step approach to a truly transformational change in how your business operates.  

What to Expect

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Scale methodically 

Determine where Agile works best and how the organization responds, so you can deploy it most effectively  

Unleash innovation 

Employ a test-and-learn approach that unlocks creativity and leads to novel solutions, new products and breakthrough services  

Battle bureaucracy 

Shift the budgeting paradigm to a VC model to speed innovation and prioritize customer centricity  

Who We Are

Operating Model & Organizational Design  
To survive and thrive in today’s business climate you don’t just need to adapt: you need adapt quickly and effectively, again and again. That requires an organization that can keep pace with shifting industry boundaries, rapidly evolving technologies, and unpredictable change and disruption.

Yet 80% of senior executives don’t believe their organizations are structured in a way that helps them outperform. Rigidity, incrementalism and poor execution create complexity and hamper the organization’s ability to move at speed.  

The right operating model can change all that. It provides an integrated system that unleashes the star power of your teams, ensuring that they are aligned, capable, effective, adaptable, efficient and inspired. They’ll be prepared and motivated to go the extra mile, executing on strategy at speed and with purpose.    

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Your Operating Model: Six Essential Areas of Focus  

We bring business purpose to life in four stages.  

Leadership & Culture 

We help you address the behaviors, decision styles and mindsets of the senior leadership team, and make sure that your culture and ways of working are aligned behind your values and purpose, and supported by the right capabilities  

Management System 

To make the most of today’s opportunities many companies will need to move away from annual cycles and time-bound strategies, budgets and review processes. A Dynamic Management System provides an integrated, interdependent set of processes and operating rhythm that helps you optimize strategic planning, resource allocation, the business review process, and much more.  

Structure & Accountabilities 

Eliminate layers in your organization, align business areas to customer value, and create a living, modular approach to team deployment across customer solutions, process and technologies. Launch persistent cross-functional teams charged with changing the business, and develop a scaling model for seamless coordination across functions and hundreds of teams.  

Talent Engine 

Develop both a talent strategy and a talent system, so you can offer a differentiated and compelling employee value proposition, create a multi-year workforce evolution roadmap, ensure that your best talent is focused on your top priorities, and recruit, hire and inspire the best people across every part of the organization  

Business Processes 

Remove bureaucratic bottlenecks and seamlessly connect processes across your full ecosystem. Redesign your processes to serve customer solutions, and ensure that support and control functions participate in a way that accelerates innovation.  

Technology & Data  

We understand your current and future-state technology and data needs, and make sure they come together with the human elements of your operating model, to unlock performance and build organizational capability.