Business Transformation  

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Always-on business transformation is essential for surviving disruption. To stay ahead, companies must transform even when they’re already dominating their markets. But 75% of business transformation programs fail, largely because most companies lack a disciplined approach. We help clients beat these odds. 


Business Turnaround

Public-company lifespans are shrinking. Today, the chances of any given company ceasing to exist in its current form over the next five years are one in three. Fifty years ago, they were one in twenty. Our turnaround management consulting services help companies avoid an early exit by leading them through a business turnaround.
Companies grappling with a strategic crisis operate under immense pressure and face enormous disruption. If they ignore the warning signs, such as declining profitability or market share, the strategic crisis can morph into a profit crisis—with plummeting profits and stagnating or falling sales—that can force them to burn through cash reserves.
Only a business turnaround can help such a company stave off the next phase of decline: a liquidity crisis.

Change Management

As many as 50% of organizational change projects don’t achieve their objectives, and with large-scale transformation programs, the failure rate jumps to 75%. Provscale change management consulting services help clients beat these odds.
Organizations that excel at change management—particularly when launching business-wide transformation—can achieve vital goals such as fueling growth, boosting shareholder returns, and driving innovation. But equally important, by strengthening their change management muscles, they can keep reinventing themselves as new opportunities or challenges arise. And that adaptability gives them a sharp competitive edge.


Restructuring is hard. Leaders who know how best to approach it can help their organizations emerge as strong as possible from a restructuring. Provscale—our special transformation, turnaround, and restructuring unit—assist clients in managing this daunting challenge. Companies that fail to quell a profit crisis through a business turnaround risk seeing their problems escalate into a liquidity crisis. If they continue to burn through cash and fail to surmount their capital and balance sheet challenges, they could also face insolvency—and possibly bankruptcy. For companies struggling to move from insolvency to revitalization, the stakes are incredibly high. After all, restructuring situations involve failing or close-to-failing companies, and the solutions center on ensuring their survival. Our restructuring consulting teams work shoulder to shoulder with businesses to help them navigate this complex process.

Zero-Based Budgeting

Zero-based budgeting supports large-scale transformation by freeing up resources to drive growth and innovation, allowing organizations to fundamentally change what they do and how they work. Provscale zero-based budgeting consultants help clients anchor this approach in a culture of cost-consciousness, delivering clear benefits including spend-baseline reductions of as much as 30%.
This approach isn’t about deploying one-time cost-reduction strategies. ZBB is about using facts to decide how to liberate resources and make smart choices about where to allocate them—and in turn, drive sustainable positive change in the business. Zero-based budgeting and zero-based operations work best when they’re tailored to an organization’s unique circumstances. Zero-based budgeting should also lead to changes in mindsets and cultures—as well as to new roles, responsibilities, and processes. To manage these aspects of zero-based budgeting organizational design, leaders and managers must be invested in the approach and take accountability for executing it effectively.

Business Transformation  

Business Transformation  
Most CEOs consider business transformation to be a top priority. And they’re well aware of the high failure rates of business transformation programs. But despite this awareness, too many executives rely on anecdotal evidence to try to improve their odds of success.  
Provscale helps these leaders take a decidedly different approach—one that relies on empirical evidence of what really leads to a successful transformation. Most important, Provscale analysis of hundreds of transformations shows that starting the transformation process preemptively—when all seems well—delivers greater long-term value than transforming reactively does. What’s more, it does so faster and more reliably.

But even companies that haven’t launched preemptive change efforts and have seen their performance slip can get back on track. We helps such companies execute the business transformations essential for combating strategic crises (including declining profitability and shrinking market share), initiate a business turnaround if their situation morphs into a profit crisis, and manage a restructuring if needed to turn insolvency into revitalization.
Our business transformation consultants work shoulder to shoulder with clients to help change their companies’ trajectories—no matter where they are on their transformation journeys.


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